Dr Silviu Ionescu: return for Coroner’s Inquiry.

‘Someone died. It’s not something solitary, but happens all over the world. There are bigger stories out there’

I read with utter disbelief this statement by Dr Ionescu.

It’s shocking and repugnant of him to dismiss the accident, in which his embassy car which he drove, that killed a recently married man aged 30 years and injured two others in two hit-and-run accidents in so casual a manner.

If he were knifed in the streets of London would he have been consoled with the fact that “this sort of things happens all the time in London”?

It’s scandalous, disgusting, sickening, shameless, outrageous, odious, opprobrious and reprehensible.

He should return to Singapore to sort things out, and not dilly-dally.

Although he has been dismissed from his post as charge d’affaires, the Romanian government still bears responsibility as Dr Ionescu was its consular officer at the time of the incident.

Singaporeans hope the Romanian government will carry out its pledge to deal with him under Romanian law.


5 Responses to “Dr Silviu Ionescu: return for Coroner’s Inquiry.”

  1. He must face the law.

  2. That’s provided if there is still justice. He just ran way and this was a clear cut hit and run case but he is still scot free and enjoying his life in Romania, leaving the poor widow weeping every night over her loss of a life-long partner.

  3. Face the law he must if he is a gentleman. But it’s clear to all he’s a COWARD.

    Yes, the young widow has to bear her sorrow forever.

  4. He must be booked and brought to juctice by all means. Trust Singapore can do it.

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