Singapore Cyclists: hike in fine for cycling on footpaths?

Pictures: Every day thousands of cyclists like these two cycle on the footpaths because they have no choice. If the authorities raise the fine from the current $20 to $40, the government stands to gain a post-CNY ang pow. Wow! Naturally, following the example of the Media Authority of Singapore which imposes a fine of $25 for late-payment of the $110 TV/Radio licence fee, officials will cite “deterence” as the reason for the hike.

It comes as no surprise to me that Singapore authorities are contemplating increasing fines for cyclists who intrude onto footpaths.

This is one of the fascinating facts about Singapore bureaucrats: dish out fines in an attempt to resolve a problem. If the initial attempt fails, just increase the fines.

Imagine if all the cyclists are obedient and take to the roads the following will result:

-more cyclists will be killed or injured
-more hospital beds will be needed
-greater financial hardship for the lower income group due to medical care

Have the authorities done enough to educate cyclists to ride more responsibly? I don’t think so.

There are inconsiderate cyclists sure, and one case of a fatality involving a pedestrian but I think the whole saga has been blown out of proportion.

If they want us cyclists to cycle on the roads then they should demarcate special lanes for cyclists.

And on footpaths that have bicycle lanes, pedestrians should be fined if they use such lanes.

Goodness, another FINE created.

Singapore is an incredibly FINE country.

In any global ranking, if Singapore doesn’t top the list as a fine country I’ll jump into the Singapore River.

On second thought that too attracts a fine.

I’ll have my head shaved bald then. No fine there.


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  1. But there is a designated cyclist lanes in East Coast Park, Bishan Park, etc. It’s definitely safer there than to either knock poor pedestrians or get themselves knocked by cars and motorbikes. =D

  2. Correct. Parks have special bike lanes but what about footpaths? They should start widening them to include a bike lane.

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