Jack Neo and Wendy Chong affair: deja vu…

There’s nothing new about celebrities cheating on their wives really. So, when news broke about Jack Neo’s affair with a 22-year-old girl, my immediate reaction was one of a sense of deja vu.

It takes two hands to clap, and both parties were guilty as each tried to profit from the relationship.
Nothing new or surprising there again.

However, what is surprising, even shocking, is this:

1. a minister has called on Singaporeans to be supportive of Jack Neo

2. There has been a news blackout about the affair in the local papers and on TV except Shin Min Daily (but extensive on Straits Times online).

The call to be supportive of Jack Neo is indeed baffling. Is it because he’s a Cultural Medallion winner, and Singapore’s foremost filmmaker?

Why are we not urged to be supportive of Wendy Chong whose future might be ruined? She also has to suffer the trauma, you know. Is it because she’s just an ordinary person?

I find the news blackout on TV and the newspapers mysterious. I’d have thought news like this is 100% headline-grabbing stuff.

Jack Neo has always strived to portray his films as wholesome, if not moralistic, urging people to do the right thing.

Did he do the right thing?

I hope that he’ll now do the right thing by his wife and his four children.

And in particular, Wendy Chong.

BTW, anyone wants Jack Neo’s DVDs?


If Jack Neo wants any ideas for his next movie I suggest “S** No Enough”. Bound to be a blockbuster hit!

11 Responses to “Jack Neo and Wendy Chong affair: deja vu…”

  1. Jacky, a man is a man and even ministers do eyed sexy women and lodged in episodes of wild imaginations followed by, desired fantasy to realities. No men has been excluded such forms of imaginations to hopeful realities! What would a man do? if a bitch bend in peculiar positions and gave a look of indications and farting with moaning-voice! Naturally, that man will zoom-in much as you or I. Given a gigolo to a lady and doing the same what that bitch had done. Would any lady will resists and not zoomed in too. They will do so without hesitates like a raging tigress and croching wantoons! Make pure efforts to be truly sorry for the tryst and return to your wife and unites with your children. Don’t even need to pay a dime to that slut inclusive on cuckoo dee. She can cried foul all she wants cuz’ she chose to spread and all you did was to jam the spread with your butter. That’s all and its up to you to eat or not to eat! As for croacoah-pussy is just a chorus and I am sure you never did spread on her huhh!!???. She is just another woman who cried from the wilderness just to enjoy headlines sensations!

  2. Whoa … There’s no doubt about how you feel about the whole thing.

    • There’s nothing to how I feel and Clinton done it, MCA president done it, Tiger done it and so Jack done it. Come-on, we are guys and being lured by indecent proposals, even Ming Yi couldn’t resists from opposites!

  3. Jack Neo is only the tip of the ice-berg! I suspect more scum bags will be exposed in the coming days as more innocent victims speak out.

    I bet my bottom dollar that this Mark Lee character is no saint! Don’t be surprised if he is indicted next. Afterall, they have been through thick and thin in the movie circuit for the past twenty years, watching out for each other!

    • I like the way you expressed yourself. Tip of the iceberg indeed! You might have something there. I won’t be in the least surprised if your speculation does lead to some riveting revelations in the coming days.

  4. Why we must urged not to be supportive of Wendy Chong whose future she chosed to magnifests and to be ruined? She also has to enjoy tremendous trauma, she loves. Is it because her evil-wished to kamikaze any family who stood in way to her dreams of fortunes, an no ordinary laid-off person?

  5. Jack Neo has always strived to portray his films as wholesome, if not moralistic, urging people to do the right thing. Still is!

    One wrong is not forever all wrong idiots!!!! If no itchy-pies, no itchy-peanuts!!! If Foyce Le could avoid offers to be rejected and moved-out why have Wendy chose to pursue , while Jack had battled and resisted fiercely Hope this explains to all those intellectual-disabilities ah-sohs!

  6. BTW, anyone wants Jack Neo’s DVDs? Don’t just asked!!! So long with Wendy windy gah, gah! Actions speaks louder than her words. Mail it to me and will be paid handsomely

  7. unclecoffee’s reply explains very clearly the whole situation. Thank you for the comments.

  8. Forgive Him and do not talk bad about him as it is his life .
    He does not own you a living.
    Nobody is perfect without flaws.
    Let us forcus on his movies instead as it is good and educational.
    Nobody would like others to talk behind their back.
    Pray for him instead that he will continue to write more movies that is beneficial to our moral character.

  9. It is not about his private life that the people are poking around with. But it’s his goody two shoe image that he has portrayed to us that pissed so many locals off. Suddenly a word just came to everyone’s mind and it says “HYPOCRITE”

    Obviously, we know in the entertainment world, plenty of babes will throw themselves at the higher authorities for a better role, more predominant air time and etc but he has painted too holy an image before he was being exposed of his scandals.

    Mel Gibbson is another classic example. He is also fooling around but viewers just concentrate on his movies. =D Good luck to jack Neo

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