Road rage: fine instead of jail

A driver was fined instead of squatting in jail for road rage.

I am deeply disappointed at this outcome.

I’m sure the presiding judge had very good reasons but the verdict still baffles me.

Road rage is road rage, and to my mind there should be no grey areas.

Throw a punch first, and you go to jail. What more could be clearer than this?

If we start taking into account extenuating circumstances, road rage will never be eradicated as this offers a measure of hope to would-be road rage offenders.

It’s vital that the wrong message not be sent.

Drive on our roads, and you get the inescapable impression that it’s a jungle out there.

The authorities should publicize more widely the fact that road rage attracts a custodial sentence.

No ifs. No buts.


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  1. They are everywhere now. We gotta be tough with these maniacs on the road. They beam-flash, blast their horn, overtake dangerously. I even had a finger shown when I was driving a little slow with a child passenger in the back seat.

    It’s time to be tough with trouble-makers on our Singapore roads.

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