Silviu Ionescu: Romania’s cowardly envoy

Silviu Ionescu will go down in Romanian diplomatic history as probably its most cowardly and irresponsible envoy. Why?

As all Singaporeans know, he killed a just-married young man and seriously injured two others in a hit-and-run accident, and cowardly fled Singapore.

His stubborn refusal to return to Singapore for the Coroner’s Inquiry raised suspicion. It was no surprise to Singaporeans that the Inquiry has established that the coward is criminally responsible.

EU countries are not exactly anamoured of Romanian people, and Silviu Ionescu’s criminal involvement in the hit-and -run accident will further sink Romania’s name in the eyes of the other Europeans.

Doubtless, the Singapore government will provide the information requested by the Romanian government.

If the Romanian government fails to prosecute the coward, the Singapore government should take its case to EU courts.

Failure to do so will only encourage another Silviu Ionescu-type crime and cowardly escape from the law.

Won’t we then be the laughing stock of the diplomatic community in Singapore?


2 Responses to “Silviu Ionescu: Romania’s cowardly envoy”

  1. I’m surprised as a diplomat in Singapore, he did not understand our gahman’s mentality. He made the fatal mistake of “challenging” the gahmen – “ROMANIAN diplomat Silviu Ionescu has said in media reports back home that the hit-and-run accident was staged by the Singapore authorities against him.”

    So stupid. No diplomatic tact at all.

    • Wonder what he was doing all the time as a so-called diplomat here. Going to karaoke lounges?

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