LTA: be fair over ERP

On Tuesday night there was a incredible traffic jam on the CTE caused by an accident.

Motorists had to inch their way out of the traffic snarl.

All this while, ERP was in operation. ERP promises a smooth ride with speed of over 40kph but in a situation like this it was anything but a smooth ride.

LTA can go on the defensive, and say It cant be helped or It was an accident.

LTA to all intents and purposes behaves like a business entity, and if it fails to honour its promises, it should issue a public apology.

LTA can’t have it both ways – making money from ERP and not honouring its commitment of a smooth ride.

It’s only fair to motorists that ERP be not operational when traffic accidents result in travelling speed falling well below 40kph.

LTA should be fair to the motoring public.

With its coffers filled to the brim with ERP toll money and overflowing, maybe I’m asking for the sky.


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  1. How or whan we can get information about LTA?

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