Customer Service Standard in Singapore Pt 2

I’m not in the least surprised that the authorities are very worried over the poor customer service standard in Singapore.

Apart from the frustrating customer service from foreign workers, mainly Chinese nationals who can’t speak English, I’ve also noticed the poor level of customer service from the locals.

To these locals a refusal to make eye contact, use of sign language and an extreme reluctance to make full use of their vocal chords somehow pass off as customer service.

Alllow me to illustrate with an example from my visit to Yishun Polyclinic.

The officer at the registration counter completed my registration without making any eye contact with me, all the time talking to me and and looking at the computer screen.

Even when I purposely said “Thank you” in the hope that she’d look at me and thus confirm that I didn’t look like Dracula. Either she was deaf or she found me repulsive.

I get the same treatment from MRT officers as well.

I’m speaking in general terms as there are officers who delight you with a good level of customer service.

Bosses must drum into the brains of their employees that it’s customers who drive their businesses.

Without customers there’ll be no pay checks. It’s as simple as that.


2 Responses to “Customer Service Standard in Singapore Pt 2”

  1. Service excellence is something that Singaporeans are striving to achieve. Be it the private sector or civil service, always serve with a smile.

    A specific event that I recall as we have requested transport service from a vendor, we were assigned a China National driver who wasn’t even sure of the place we were heading to. Instead of seeking clarification, the driver just pretended that he knew the way. On the transport itself, none of the passengers knew the way to the destination and they they trusted the driver to bring them to correct destination but to their horror, the place they were given a lift to was 42 km apart on the map. The driver showed no sense of remorse and yelled at the passengers not informing of the correct venue. Sigh, servie with a smile, serve with honour and dignity, I doubt so.

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