Customer Service Standard in Singapore Part 3

A friend went to a well-known store in Orchard Road to buy a branded handbag for his wife.

After looking at a few bags, he was still undecided. The salesgirl was getting increasingly impatient.

Finally, another bag caught his eye and he asked to have a look.

The salesgirl betrayed her impatience when she said, “This bag very expensive you know.”

Now, my friend is not known for his sartorial elegance. In fact, he could easily pass off as one of those uncouth and shabbily dressed uncles in Jack Neo’s movies.

After examining the bag, he thought it’d be the perfect gift for his wife.

Now, expensive?

No problem.

He’s a millionaire.


8 Responses to “Customer Service Standard in Singapore Part 3”

  1. That “very expensive” comment seems to come out of a script. Dn’t think sales girls say such things nowadays. They just pout and sulk in a bochap way, rather than waste their breath.

    • ‘There are more things in heaven and earth… than are dreamt of in your philosophy’.

  2. Haha, I wonder how many readers remember who “Ah Long San” was, before he was put behind the bars?

    He used to quote this line to me, “Those who appear to be neatly groomed, suit and ties, he told me all these are gimmicks. When they go to the counter to settle the bill, they will show off with the stack of CARDS they have. Only a true spender who have self control will pay by cash and he may not be the one with the neatest and most expensive attire. He then concluded that only when you’re successful in life, when you wear singlet, shorts and slippers, you will be welcome everywhere. =D

  3. You have an interesting point there. I personally know of two vegetable sellers who are millionaires.

    Clearly I made the wrong career move. Never mind i’ll be wiser in the next life (assuming there’s one!)

  4. That’s nothing unusual about! Afterall, that guy could have rebutted her outwardly as well and play it big for her.

  5. On the contrary, I think this just some ficticious articles written to fire and insinuates the minds of readers.
    The point is when a millionaire goes to Orchard to purchase a handbag, he never, is be a milionaire.
    Orchard caters for middle-class and below. He should be in London Harrod or Praveda Russia. He jets around the world to different shopping centres. If Orchard seemed as high-class, they won’t get any PRCsssss to serves knowing much to well will hit the rocks of their reputations.

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