Doctor kills cyclist

Another cyclist killed on the road and another seriously injured in yet another hit-and-run accident.

And the culprit is a doctor.

Cyclists have been in the spotlight in recent weeks, mostly negatively viewed. In fact, they’ve been demonised.

Traffic Police have warned them to stay off footpaths or risk a fine.

Can you imagine the chaos on our already congested roads if all cyclists take to the roads?

Imagine for one moment if you will school kids, grandpa, grandma and housewives, all with questionable cycling skills and ignorance of the highway code competing for road space with humongous buses and trucks, and reckless motorists who treat every trip as an F1 practice session.

The ensuing result will not only be one of mayhem but, worse, a slaughter.

And what’s the worst the guilty party gets? At the most a few weeks in jail while his victim is dead or crippled for life.

Despite Traffic Police warning to stay off footpaths, the status quo remains.

Cyclists are not that stupid. Better be safe than risk serious injury or, worse, end up in the morgue.

It’s not that they are defiant but because they have no choice.


Hey, I’m not stupid either!

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