Bleak days ahead for Singapore cyclists?

Singapore cyclists these past few weeks must have felt like chucking their bikes into the Singapore River the way they’ve been demonized by the media.

The way pedestrians describe their fears one would think it’s a 2-tonne truck bearing down on them.

True some cyclists are inconsiderate but no where near the reckless level pedestrians accuse them of.

When cyclists are killed or maimed there’s no outcry. Only last week a 30-something cyclist, Benjamin Mok, was killed by a motorist.

Prejudice against cyclists aside, in response to calls for cyclists to be reined in, I believe some bureaucrat in some ivory tower is considering measures to clip the wings of cyclists, and at the same time add another source of revenue stream eg hefty fines, licence plates and registration fees, parking fees, fines for traffic offences and indisciminate parking

When it comes to raising revenue Singapore bureaucrats are world-class as all Singaporeans know too well.

So, fellow cyclists brace yourself


One Response to “Bleak days ahead for Singapore cyclists?”

  1. It’s not to clip wings but rather to educate them. The majority are law-abiding but some are downright rude and need to be reprimanded in a court of law!

    There are already groups being taught now and in earnest. Saw one lead by Teo Ser Luck.

    A fine helps though if the errant ones persist.

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