LTA chief listens to his customers?

An article in the Straits Times yesterday nearly caused me to fall off my chair.

Headlined ” LTA chief: I listen to my customers,” I had to re-read the caption for fear my dwindling eyesight was playing tricks on me.

There’s been a barrage of criticism on the need for ERP on Saturday in the papers.

Has he been listening to his “customers?”

This is just one example.

To see how others react, I told a friend about the article.

His reaction was one of consternation, followed by a torrent of obscenities.

“What about Saturday ERP then?” he said with some vehemence.

I recall writing to The Forum questioning the need for evening ERP. Not only did LTA brush aside the issue but it later went on to extend evening ERP to 10:30pm

LTA Chief listens to his customers?

C’mon, we weren’t born yesterday!


4 Responses to “LTA chief listens to his customers?”

  1. He said “I listen to my customers” but he didn’t say that he will do anything about it.

  2. Haha, why so pessimistic, sir?

    • Pessimism is hardly the word here.

      I don’t think I am alone in feeling fed up of LTA.

      It’s laughable that’s all. Reminds of durian sellers who insist their durian is the best when they know they’re palming off a bad one to you.

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