Yishun Polyclinic’s customer service

My last visit to Yishun Polyclinic as far as customer service was concerned proved to be a disappointment.

So today I wanted to check if the staff simply had an off day that day.

The moment I approached the self-check machine for a queue number, a staff member quickly helped to scan my IC though I didn’t suffer from any disability and was perfectly capable of doing the task.

Acting blur, I gave the almost 1-foot long slip of paper my best quizzical look. The staff member without any hesitation came to my rescue, explaining that the large number was the Q-number, and that I had to wait for my number to be called at the registration counter. Then she pointed out where the registration area was.

After handing over my Q-slip, the counter staff said, “Good afternoon, Mr Poh” as if I was a regular visitor.

Registration completed, she pointed out that I should go up to the second level for consultation. When I put on another blur act, she stood up and pointed me in the right direction.

Aha, this time I didn’t get the impression I was an ogre or a repulsive character. On the earlier visit the counter staff completed the whole registration process without even once looking at me, all the time peering at the computer. Even when I purposely said “Thank you” loudly she pretended to be deaf.

Today even the doctor and the pharmacist demonstrated good customer service.

Well done, Yishun Polyclinic.


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  1. Hehe, isn’t that a lovely experience, sir? =D

  2. On 14/12/10 @ about 2.50pm I checked into Yishun Polyclinic as a walk-in patient to consult doctor on my in-grown L big toe nail and pain in my L thumb.
    At about 4.20pm it was my turn to see the doctor – after examining me,he told me: 1) I have to get a X-ray done on my L thumb on the following day (15/12/10) as the lab had already closed for the day. 2) he had already keyed in the request for the X-ray to the lab. 3) he had also keyed in a request to the Woodlands Polyclinic to remove my in-grown toe-nail under a minor surgical procedure. Note: for items 2 & 3,the doctor told me that he had keyed in the requests in the system & that I could get them done any time on the next day – this give me the impression that I would not need to go and queue up and register as a walk-in patient – I would be given queue nos. under the “appointment” category.
    On the morning of 15/12/10 when I keyed in my i/c no. for lab and doctor services, my queue no. was under the walk-in category ie. I still had to register before I can get my X-ray done. I was unhappy and disappointed that after I still have to undergo the usual long wait as a walk-in patient not withstanding the doctor’s keyed-in X-ray request.
    My next concern was the doctor’s request for the removal of the in-grown toe nail at Woodlands Poly – I do not want to go there all the way only to be told that I have to go there on another day to get the nail out. So I went to see the same doctor and asked him for a referral letter – he told me there is no need for that & that his request is already in the system. He told me instead to call the 63553000 (NHGPolyclinic tel no) – reply from NHGP was they do not handle minor surgical procedure appointments and that I could get the appointment at the Appointment counter. The staff at the Yishun Poly Appointment counter (located on the 2nd storey) was unable to provide any assistance as I did not have any referral from the doctor.
    Please note between talking to the doctor and the Appointment counter staff on the 15/12/10 morning, I had already done my X-ray and was waiting to see another doctor on the result of the X-ray.When I saw that doctor she gave me the referral for Woodlands Poly without my asking for it.I asked her about her colleague’s insistence that no need for the referral – she told me that he his “new”.I finally got my Woodlands Polyclinic appointment on 11/1/11(the earliest available) from the 1st storey Appointment counter (Yishun)
    Questions:- a)Why didn’t Yishun Poly train all its new staff so that patients need not be made to suffer inconveniences due to its’ staff’s inadequacies?, b) could Yishun Poly provide a tel no. to its staff and its patients to call for these types of queries?

    • Sorry to read about your disappointment. Yours clearly required you
      to go through many procedures which I know can be frustrating. I too dread this but my problem was a simple one. I agree with your view that new staff should be properly trained. Yes, a contact number should definitely be made available to the public.

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