MediaCorp DJs: cut out the crap!

A reader wrote to ST Forum complaining about how MediaCorp radio station Class 95’s DJs used mock Indian accent to generate some laughter.

MediaCorp in its defence says there was no malice, that it was “in good clean fun and is never intended to disparage or poke fun at race or language”.

Some might say we shouldn’t take such things too seriously, that we must have a sense of humour, let our hair down and so on.

I’m all for fun but there must be limits.

In a multi-racial society like ours it’s in bad taste, even culturally offensive, to make use of a mock-accent of another person’s language to generate some cheap laughs.

I’m not in the least surprised that MediaCorp’s DJs have again come under fire.

Their prattle and sexual innuedoes can get on one’s nerves. Their endorsements of products are carried out in such a subtle manner that the listener is not aware that they’re advertisements.

I’ve since boycotted MediaCorp’s radio stations. I can do without the prattle and cheap jokes.

DJs must be more responsible and culturally sensitive as they are on national radio, heard in schools, hospitals, factories, offices, places of worship, coffee shops, shopping malls and so on.

To mock an accent is to engage in a derisive imitative manner of speech.

Good clean fun, MediaCorp?

Give me a break!


3 Responses to “MediaCorp DJs: cut out the crap!”

  1. But over at Class 95 FM, they merely use such accent when they’re reporting traffic update. Perhaps this is the way they try to attract our attention.

  2. In a multi-cultural society like ours this is disrespectful. Why descend so low? If they can’t joke without resorting to racial stereotypes, they aren’t fit to be DJs on national radio.

  3. great post. I totally concur 🙂

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