Yishun Library: is it improving?

Being the most convenient for me, I visit Yishun Library very frequently.

Having commented on the terrible noise level in the library, I continue to monitor if there’s any improvement.

The library is now more user-friendly having added more tables for library users.

I’ve also noticed that the noise level has gone down considerably. This is largely due to stricter enforcement of library rules by Security.

Library staff also plays their part in this.

Well done!

As I’ve stressed many times, the chief culprits are the students from the many schools in the area. If they continue to be defiant, I suggest the library complains to their school principals.

If school principals refuse to co-operate, a complaint to the Ministry of Education will suddenly energise them to be more co-operative.  A sustained engagement with school heads will see results I firmly believe.

I have nothing against students really. In fact, it delights me to see them reading and researching, and behaving responsibly. In short, they know the meaning of etiquette. Well done.

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