World Cup: finally Singapore gets World Cup live telecasts!

At the eleventh hour Singapore two telcos, Starhub and Singtel, finally clinched a deal with greedy FIFA.

We were within a hair’s breath away from being shut out from the greatest show on earth alongside failed/rogue states like N Korea and Somalia. Dictator Kim of N Korea is more interested in fine wines than soccer, and Somalia is famed more for its pirates.

Can you imagine Singapore being spoken in the same breath as these two countries?

Now that we’re in, some people are crying foul. $66 is too expensive, too mercenary they lash out. It was only $15 before they howl.

Now, let’s not be emotional and try to see things in perspective.

The prices of most goods and services will always go up. $66 is only 12 bottles of beer or 3 bottles a week over the duration of four weeks.

A dinner with your family at your neighbourhood coffee shop will easily cost you $50 or more. Cooling off your butts with an expresso and snacks at Starbucks easily set you back $20.

Or see it the kopi way. $66 is about the price of your coffee at your regular coffee shop for one month (even cheaper if you must have branded caffeine fix at Starbucks/Coffeebean).

So I don’t really understand why all this grumbling.

After all, World Cup soccer comes around only once every 4 years.

One month of solid entertainment and thrills.



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