Capital punishment in Singapore for drug-related offences.

The Law Minister defends the death sentence for drug-related offences, arguing that tough laws save thousands of people who would otherwise have succumbed to the drug addiction.

According to the UN, Singapore has the highest per capita execution in the world, a fact that troubles me and many others.

In Singapore there are more drug-related offences than crimes like murder.

The alacrity with which Singapore hangs offenders is extremely shocking and sad. Why the rush to snuff out a life?

Singapore seems to think its prosecution of offenders is flawless, implying the impossibilityof any error in the legal process.

Is such a draconian law really an effective deterrent? Judging from the increasing numbers of drug-related offences, I don’t think so.

So, do we keep hanging and hanging them?

Singapore ministers urge us to build a compassionate and gracious society. How can we ever achieve this if we have not a trace of mercy in us?

If Singapore ministers are to sit proudly with other ministers from more civilised countries, it should abolish the death penalty for drug-related offences.

And how about Singapore’s penchant for whipping…another story for another day.


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  1. I’m not so certain whether our Law Minister would have made the same stand if one of his fellow PAP Ministers’ kids are caught with a similar offence. Would some Minister then similarly argue that our system need to be tweaked just because the mother tongue language happened to made life difficult for his kids ?

    And I just wonder how a NMP’s son was caught red-handed with 14.99g of drugs and got away with the death sentence ? You mean to say that today’s drug offenders are so smart to weigh the drugs to make sure it is short by 0.01g ?

    Or do we have double standards in our system ?

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