Singapore Government agencies: feet of clay?

For years t he public has been complaining and grumbling about the way some Singapore government agencies conduct themselves.

For instance, they question about the need for evening ERP, the choice of locations for ERP gantries, unjustified late payment fines, excessive and questionable fines, the need for a radio license in a car, unjustified fees, the need for TV license and so on.

And now four government agencies have been rapped by the Public Accounts Committee for lapses in the way they had managed their finances. One can’t help but sympathise with them really – it’s not easy to cope with all that avalanche of revenue you know.

One of these agencies is the Media Development Authority (MDA).

Every government agency appears to be vying with one another to see who can raise the most revenue for the government.

When challenged, they pontificate and justify their revenue-raising measures, and there’s little the public can do eg why do motorists have to pay a toll at the land checkpoints when they LEAVE the country? How are they spending our TV license fees?

Naturally, with revenue stream from these agencies no MPs or ministers are bold enough to challenge the status quo.

But there’ll be political repercussions at the coming General Election as there’s just so much that people can tolerate.

So now we know, for all their self-righteousness and high-mindedness, government agencies have feet of clay.


4 Responses to “Singapore Government agencies: feet of clay?”

  1. There’s too much idle chatter on 90.5 FM. Many of my senior friends commented that there’s hardly any 50s or 60s music on the airwaves. The station is now playing 70s and 80s music.

    The need to cater to the young (for obvious reasons) has left seniors in the cold. Isn’t it true that we can encourage the young to listen to music of an older generation?

    Clay feet indeed. Cold feet too. Be not afraid MDA. You wont lose money. Seniors are paying too! Wake up!

    • Probably the younger DJs lack confidence in 50s and 60s music. The idle chatter can be irritating. The most ridiculous is their product endorsements as though they’re health and medical experts.

  2. You people believe what the auditor-general publishes. Come on, do not be childish lah. It would not be Singapore if these government departments or agencies tell the truth. Their best skill is to cover up mistakes so how could you people believe that audit report.

    • You and I know it’s NOT the whole truth. Regulatory government authorities have to give the impression they are doing their job. You know and I know, they have to pull their punches. Are you saying that public criticisms of government agencies have no sting whatsoever? That everybody affected will have a good laugh, and pat each other on the back, and say Good one, we fool the gullible public?

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