Singapore Police: more police patrols needed

Crime seems to be on the rise in Singapore.

Alarmed, I wrote to ST Forum.


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Jun 3, 2010

Beef up police presence in public places


THE brutal stabbings in Kallang and Selegie have raised concerns about the safety of residents in Singapore. Crime occurs because there is an opportunity, and because of a perception that not being caught is a possibility.

In Singapore, there is a lack of police presence in public places like shopping and entertainment areas and housing estates. Some have noticed this and called for more police patrols.

It is far better to deter criminals and prevent crime from taking place in the first place, no matter how good the investigative prowess of our police force. Moreover, investigating a crime entails huge manpower and resources.

Perhaps, we can emulate Japan, where the crime rate is very low. In Tokyo, for instance, police posts are found all over the city. Police officers patrol on bicycles, even at night. In Singapore, police officers are often seen going about their duties in their patrol cars. But to term this as police patrols is far-fetched.

For public safety, police presence in public places here must be enhanced.


Courtesy of Straits Times, Singapore.


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  1. gosh thanks for writing in!…this issue is very worrying and I hope the authorities do something about it. i hope they respond to you as they should.

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