Singapore Police should act against those who carry weapons in public

IN recent crime cases, the criminals all carried knives to slash or threaten their victims.

It seems more and more people bent on criminal activities are carrying knives in public.

In the recent slash-and-rob case in Kallang, knives were used. In Selegie a knife was also used to kill.

In the latest case, two couriers were threatened with a knife by five Bangladeshis.

That is why I wrote to the Straits Times urging the police to carry out patrols.

Systematic police patrols can help to deter and prevent crime rather than sitting back and allowing a crime to take place.

Police should check suspicious people to see if  they are carrying weapons in public.

Apart from the huge manpower resources needed to track down and arrest the criminals, there is also the issue of loss to their family if someone is seriously injured or killed.

Prevention is better than cure, is it not?

Frankly, do you feel Singapore is VERY safe these days?

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