SMRT lapse: feel safe on the MRT?

Travelling on the MRT, I’ve observed their security measures and, truth be told, they don’t inspire confidence.

Positioned just after the turnstiles is a bored-looking MRT official observing  the commuters. They are primarily tasked to ensure that commuters don’t cheat.

Being untrained to pick out likely terrorist suspects, they’won’t be  effective in ensuring security for commuters.

I’ve often entered with a huge backpack but never once challenged.

MRT stations are awash with survellance cameras but they are of limited use in stopping a terrorist who has already gained access into our statons and boarded a train.

People assume there are trained MRT personnel monitoring the cameras 24/7. I doubt this. More likely they’re multi-tasking, and tedium sets in after a while, and the monitors are ignored.

Then there are the occasioanl police patrols, particularly when there’s a big event downtown like F1 or World Bank conference.

Perhaps, the transport operators have some secret strategy to thwart a terrorist attack.

Again, I’m doubtful.

I don’t know for sure how high security is on their list of priorities. But what is certain is that profit is their chief preoccupation.

In short, MRT security for its commuters (read customers) in my considered opinion is woefully inadequate, best encapsulated by two European pranksters who broke into an SMRT depot with such ease.


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  1. the graffiti artists did us a service in exposing the lax security. I really hope they beef it up otherwise i continue to be nervous while taking the train.

    • Me too. I feel nervous. We’ve to be their eyes and ears.


      Roger Poh Dum Spiro Spero

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