Singapore TV licence: why can’t it fund World Cup?

It’s pathetic really.

Friends, who don’t want to pay $7o for the World Cup, thought they could tune in to Malaysian or Indonesian TV channels to watch the soccer matches.

But they little did they realise that RTM would encrypt its signals, and foil their plans. As for Indonesian channel, we all know it’s very blurry but since it’s free you can’t complain, can you?

Naturally, the intelligent ones among us after they’ve calmed down, will  ask “If Malaysia and Indonesia free-to-air TV stations can telecast the World Cup why can’t Mediacorp?” And I know TV licence fees in Malaysia were scraped a long time ago.

Here in Singapore we are forced to pay $110 for the licence annually at gun point, and yet all we get are crumbs (a few important matches only).

How are they spending the millions they collect in TV licence fees every year? To produce community-related programmes I daresay the majority are not interested in?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: government should fund such programmes!

Still call ours free-to-air statons?

Give me a break!!


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  1. Football, world-cup or English-leauge, are essentially sports entertainment. In my opinion, TV-license fees should not be used to fund entertainment programming for football fans and gamblers.
    TV-license fees is collected precisely to fund television and radio programming that has no business viability. To use this fund for popular programming is simply going against the very reason why the TV-license fees exist in the first place.
    This fund is limited. What would you want to not fund in order for the government to fund the World Cup? Tamil news? Malay children programmes? Okto documentaries? Chinese opera?

  2. you put this very well indeed….i totally agree!

  3. i refused to pay the exhorbitant price this time.

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  5. just a thought for you… do you think RTM would even bother to encrypt their TV signals for the world cup?
    u mean everyone in Malaysia is on setup top box kinda thingy?
    come on… who do u think really does have encryption if any at ALL.

    • The scrambling of RTM’s TV 1 signals was demanded by Fifa. Otherwise, RTM will have to pay for the rights (and competing with Singapore telcos) to broadcast in Singapore.
      (Do you know why RTM’s TV 2 signals is not carried on StarHub? Same reason: demand by content rights owners. RTM TV1 was allowed through because it’s mostly RTM-produced programming, meaning RTM owns the rights.)

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