Why public should boycott Singtel’s Mio TV/Broadband

These days hardly anybody calls us on the land line. Everybody calls each other on their cell phones.

Those of us who have Singtel’s Mio TV or Broadband still have to retain the land line for these services. And continue to pay and pay for the residential phone!

Singtel continues to resist calls by its customers to do away with the need for the land line.  Clearly it’s profiteering.

Starhub offers a free digital phone for its broadband/cable services. Consumers should not be held ransom by Singtel.

Why pay for something we don’t need?

Given Singtel’s poor attitude towards its customers , we should boycott it.

3 Responses to “Why public should boycott Singtel’s Mio TV/Broadband”

  1. Still paying lots for landline. Must take your advice. Will save me about $30.00++ a month. Thanks.

    • Consumers must not allow themselves to be taken for fools. Don’t forget it’s your hard-earned money after all.

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