SMRT security: its sole responsibility says Law Minister Shanmugam

It’s not often I agree with our ministers, but for once I agree entirely with Law Minister Shanmugam that security is SMRT’s sole responsibility and NOT the taxpayers’ or the government’s.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll stress once again, the commuting public expect transport operators to provide a secure environment.

Every day thousands of commuters put their lives in SMRT’s hands. Should there be an incident, it’ll face huge financial losses. Look at BP’s woes. It is facing billions in claims, crippling the company.

In the wake of SMRT’s security bungle, all commuters get is a barrage of security announcements.

We hope they’re doing more than that in enhancing security.

The government on its part should not sit back and assume transport operators are doing just that. It should audit and stress test their security preparedness rigorously, and heavy fines imposed for lapses.

I shudder to think it might not be a prank next time.


6 Responses to “SMRT security: its sole responsibility says Law Minister Shanmugam”

  1. I wonder who signs the paycheck of the security patrol inside the station and train.

    • You mean the occasional police patrols?What we need are officers trained to spot terrorists. That’s one way of enhancing security.

      • Spot on. The staff shouldn’t pick on me just because I carry a big bag and the occasional police patrols are like .. well, strolling in a park.

        I’m not enamored by Bangkok’s brute force check-all system either. That’s the easy way out.

      • Yes, their patrols also strike me as rather casual. And why must they patrol in a big group? Odd.

  2. All these seems like an afterthought.
    When it started, the authorities and publicity seemed to be more focused on the culprits than on the security implication of the act. Whereas in contrast the public reaction and concern and rightly so was with the terrorist-security angle! I supposed the big guns were in a quandry as to how to respond until they decided to pin it on the SMRT woman. She is going to be made the fall-guy for the party’s sake!!

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