Swiss President on Oliver Fricker’s caning sentence

Swiss President Doris Leuthard is now on an official visit to Singapore.

Those who expected her to raise the issue of Oliver Fricker’s caning sentence would be disappointed.

The Swiss President was too diplomatic and polite to make a big fuss on an official visit.

But she slapped Singapore on the wrist by saying that caning has been abandoned in Europe, and is not the Swiss way.

Singapore has long aspired to achieve the Swiss standard of living.

This is to be lauded. But I hope Singapore not only achieve that goal but also emulateĀ the more enlightened mindset of the Swiss.

For a start, Singapore could contemplate scrapping its brutal law on caning.

While the outer trappings of economic success are important, Singapore must have a heart at the same time.

Otherwise, we are like the proverbial newly-rich with loads of money but remaining uncouth or, worse, brutish.

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