End of era of Malaysian subsidised petrol for Singapore motorists

Singaporeans’ love affair with Johor Bahru appears to be over.

The reason? The Malaysian government has decreed that Singaporeans are no longer allowed to buy the subsidised RON 95 petrol, only the non-subsidised V-Power (market rate).

For years Singapore drivers have been braving the perennial traffic congestion at the checkpoints, and boosting the tourist sector of JB. Now they’re fuming.

There’s no doubt cheap petrol in JB is the chief motivation for taking the trouble to drive over.

Cheap subsidised petrol is meant for Malaysians actually and not for Singaporeans. All these years the Malaysian government have been generous but all good things must come to an end.

Businesses in JB will be adversely  affected  if Singaporeans feel that it’s no longer worthwhile to drive to JB. But that is their problem.

However, there’s a ray of hope. Are they able to enforce the law?

Keep your fingers crossed!


3 Responses to “End of era of Malaysian subsidised petrol for Singapore motorists”

  1. Why support other countries’ GDP where we can also get the fuel on our very own home soil? If the person stays pretty near the causeway, maybe I can see the logic and extra perks of heading North to get their fuel. Can you imagine those who stay in the southern part of Singapore….Haha

  2. Despite its unsavory reputation, JB is a magnet for SIngaporeans.

  3. It’s the taxpayers’ money after all, it’s only the fair thing to do…

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