JB Traffic Cops: hardworking or …

Elsewhere in my blog I’ve alerted Singapore motorists to the presence of JB traffic cops outside the JB Customs and Immigration complex.

They hide among the pillars and bushes and pounce on Singapore motorists for beating the red traffic lights.

So the other day on returning to Singapore i was taken aback to see a lone traffic cop still on “duty” when it was almost midnight. Obviously on a “fishing” trip, and like all good fishermen he has to be patient apart from possessing knowledge of all the good fishing spots.

Singapore motorists, be very careful on appoaching the immigration complex. I drive slowly in case the traffic lights change to red suddenly. Your defense that the lights change too suddenly for you to stop will cut no ice with the cops. Once hooked there’s no escape.

Unless you don’t mind subsidising JB traffic cops “makan” and “teh tarik”.

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