Capital punishment for Singapore speedsters?

I read with disbelief and shock a letter-writer’s suggestion in the newspaper that motorists who speed and kill other road users should face the death penalty.

Perhaps, Singaporeans are  inured to capital punishment. We routinely read about capital punishment and caning being meted out for criminal offences. Have we in the process lost all our sense of compassion and magnanimity? Have we become such inhumane and brutal people that we try to solve a problem with capital punishment and caning?

Faced with many seemingly intractable problems, Singapore have risen to the challenges and found solutions.

But sadly when it comes to problems dealing with people, we lose patience and descend to the level of the barbarian.

What else will they suggest? The death penalty for corruption as in China? Caning for failure to keep your car in good mechanical condition? Caning for cyclists who ride on pedestrian paths? OMG!!

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