Singapore school discipline: girl kicks teacher

I was not in the least surprised to read about a girl
kicking her teacher.

My teacher friends often confide in me on the appalling state of school discipline not only in secondary schools but also in primary schools.

According to my teacher friends the deterioration in school discipline is largely due to the liberal approach decreed by the Education Ministry. The result is a generation of spoilt students and their interfering parents, and school heads who have become soft.

Aware that they can’t be caned, female students tend to take advantage. According to my teacher friends, they’re worse than boys when it comes to discipline.

To be strict with their students, teachers can fall foul of both parents and principals. So to play safe, teachers  toe the line.

Ive heard of school heads who wash their hands off discipline, fearful of any action they take backfiring on them. The case of the school head who hit a girl on the head with a book, and who was subsequently transferred to MOE is still fresh in the mind of teachers.

When school heads look the other way, the school discipline generally leaves much to be desired.

Don’t believe me? The next time you see a group of students in the library, on the MRT or bus, shopping mall, observe their behaviour. It hints at their discipline in school.

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