Singapore school discipline: punishment for girl who kicked teacher adequate?

What sort of punishment did the secondary schoolgirl who kicked her teacher receive?

She was sent home to reflect on her misdeed, and no doubt has to undergo some counseling.

A slap on the wrist really. Ridiculous!

Even if her disciplinary record is as long as the River Nile.

If the teacher had kicked her instead, he would be charged in court and dismissed from service. The case would be sensationalized in all the papers for a least a week.

According to my teacher friends, knowing they are untouchable (no corporal punishment) female students are becoming bolder, even thuggish.

When the dust has settled, I bet you the girl concerned would strut around her school like a prima donna. Teachers would give her a wide berth to avoid suffering the same humiliation.

Business as usual.

Unless school heads possess the moral courage to express their unhappiness over the soft approach advocated by the Ministry of Education, school discipline will continue to slide, and more of such outrageous conduct will be headline material.


2 Responses to “Singapore school discipline: punishment for girl who kicked teacher adequate?”

  1. It is sad that the kids of today are decending into such savagery. Everyone must remember savages soon become slaves.

    • You’re right. We are going the way of western countries like England where violence against teachers is prevalent.

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