Singapore customer service: Mustafa Centre vs Swatch Watch

When the batteries on my Timex and Swatch watches were depleted, I went to Mustafa Centre (after futile attempts with a screwdriver and coin). After buying the batteries, I went to the watch department to get  help in opening up the battery compartment to replace the spent batteries.

But to my disappointment, they refused with the claims that they didnt have the proper tools. Since they could make adjustments to new watches  I was rather sceptical.

Passing by a Swatch watch in Terminal 3 at Changi Airport today, I asked the staff if they could open my Swatch watch battery compartment.

Without hesitation, they took the watch and opened up the battery compartment in one second!

Mustafa Centre, if they wish to grow further, should improve on their customer service which at the moment is ho-hum.

I will be writing to Swatch to highlight their good customer service at Terminal 3.


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  1. Both the Timex and Swatch watches were purchased from Mustafa may I add.

  2. Don’t forget that customers at the Airport shops deal mostly with tourists; so you got ‘special treatment.’

    Are you certain you will be accorded the same polite and efficient service if you are in another outlet?

    I doubt! And that’s customer service in Singapore.

    Kwa larng, kwa larng.

    • You have a point but I didn’t buy anything from their shop, and there wasn’t the slightest hesitation in agreeing to help.

  3. Try calling their travel department and you will be greeted with only a ringing tone. Why can’t Mustafa employ an operator to handle incoming calls? I’m sure a huge company can afford one. Maybe the real issue is its indifference to customer service?

  4. Overall, I feel that Mustafa customer service has improved a lot. I bought ANOTHER watch yet again from Mustafa (its prices are very competitive) but had second thoughts. I took it back and Mustafa allowed me to change it to another model of the same brand. They wont give you back any cash refund but allow you to spend the credit due to you in their store. As long as you have the receipt of the purchase with you, and it is not more than three days Mustafa will do a one to one exchange with no questions asked if the product is faulty. But customers must not abuse this privilege. In my case, the watch was not defective except that the recipient of the gift watch did not like that particular model that is all. So in all honesty, Mustafa customer service meets my expectations.

  5. The other day I commended a cashier to their management for hurrying to another dept to look for me to return me my credit card which I had dropped.

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