Girl kicks teacher: any justice for teacher?

While the case of the secondary schoolgirl who kicked her teacher is still fresh in the minds of many people, I asked my teacher friends the sort of punishment the  culprit would receive.

 In all likelihood, they stressed, the student would serve out a period of suspension, get demerit points, apologise to her teacher during school assembly and go for counselling sessions.

 And since she belongs to the weaker sex despite her display of violence, she would not be caned,

School heads would be very unhappy if a teacher makes a police report in cases like this as it puts the school in a bad light. And when the next performance review comes up, her performance will be seen negatively. 

It’s damned if you try to enforce discipline, and things backfire on you.

It’s damned if you don’t because the school head will say you are a lousy teacher since you can’t maintain discipline.

Where’s the justice for teachers?


3 Responses to “Girl kicks teacher: any justice for teacher?”

  1. Luckily it’s the 21st Century. In the 20th Century, a principal in school. with a similar case, will tell the staff, “THIS CASE IS EMBARGOED!”

    Which teacher would dare make a police report then?

  2. Hmm, I hope not an eye for an eye kind of justice. The schoolgirl should apologise to the teacher during assembly and it is up to the teacher to accept it or not. The school can also make her serve corrective actions. Her negative energy could be channeled into constructive work.

  3. They are exasperated because they’ve seen too many students getting off too lightly. Without fear of serious punishment, students are emboldened to be increasingly defiant and violent. I can emphatise with them.

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