Singapore National Day: fleeing the country

Every National Day it’s the same. Thousands of Singaporeans flee the country by car, plane or bus.  

Those who drive to Malaysia brave the terrible traffic congestion and chaos at the checkpoints- a 2-hour torture. 

And when the all too brief holiday is over, they have to endure another long traffic jam on the way back. 

It seems it’s better to be away despite the exorbitant air fares and frustrations. 

Perhaps they find National Day meaningless. 

 On Merdeka Day Malaysians don’t suffer this flee the country at all cost syndrome.

They take pride in their country’s birthday. With their cars festooned with mini national flags, they declare their love for their country. 




8 Responses to “Singapore National Day: fleeing the country”

  1. The reality is that the Malaysian PRs in Singapore will of course skip National Day and go back Malaysia or overseas. Long weekend leh! So they will exacerbate the traffic congestion at the checkpoints.

  2. I don’t know about “fleeing the country” but meeting Singaporeans everywhere, I find that the majority is a happy lot.

    Yesterday, during our afternoon rehearsals for the ’60s music journey’ at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, many Singaporeans (Spore accent) came up, cheerful and happy, to chat with our group.

    In the evening, a large enthusiastic audience supported the performers. Some strangers even came backstage to talk to us. They are Singaporeans too.

    I think, as Icemoon replied, we go where we please because it is a public holiday. In any statistics, there’s always that odd 7 – 10 % of opposers.

    Why would any level-headed, matured and decent Singaporean “flee the country” during National DaY?

  3. We each have different experiences and perceptions.

    Among my friends at least, many would have left if not for their tardiness in booking flights and the perennial traffic jam at the checkpoints.

    The majority of cars at the checkpoints testify to the fact.

  4. Perhaps a local statistics company could do a survey on, “How Many Singaporeans Flee The Country On National Day?”

    I think our unprofessional ‘assessment’ wouldn’t do. The phrase, “Thousands of Singaporeans flee the country…” is rather bias.

  5. Out of curiosity, I checked the traffic situation at the checkpoints at 5am on Saturday (first day of long weekend). Anticipating traffic jams, motorists tried to leave as early as possible but these days 5am is no longer early. The jams persisted throughout the day. Of course, thousands too resist the urge to flee, and remain behind to partake in the National Day celebrations.

  6. 1. Only 6/10 of total population is citizen.
    2. Out of all citizens, not all are born in Singapore after 1965. We have Malaysians, Chinese, Taiwanese etc. becoming citizens.

    If your wife is Malaysian PR or born in Malaysia, naturally you want to pulang kampong with her and visit your relatives across the causeway.

    So I actually kind of agree with Andy. The jams at the checkpoints, are they caused by PRs and citizens who pulang kampong or true blue Singaporeans who want to escape from NDP?

    By the way, I’m typing this from Kuala Lumpur, so I guess Roger has a point too, lol

  7. You seem to be a regular visitor to KL. Any nice backpacker hostel?

  8. Back in Singapore. Stayed in Cube Hotel (boutique hotel) this time. A backpacker hostel would be Travel Hub Guesthouse, many good reviews but I don’t really like that place. Maybe suitable for a seasoned traveller like Roger, haha

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