Driving in Singapore: traffic police, act against road bullies

Despite my letter in the Straits Times urging the police to beef up their presence on our roads and expressways, they are strangely a rare sight.

However, they are out in full force when a VVIP is in town.

It makes you wonder what prevents our traffic cops from patrolling our roads and highways.

So it is hardly surprising that road bullies and speedsters, and inconsiderate and rude drivers rule the roost.

In my view, the most vulnerable road users are the bikers and cyclists who continue to be slaughtered with dismaying regularity.

Since traffic cops are MIA (missing in action), it is up to motorists to be proactive in curbing the menace on our roads.

I wrote to the Traffic Police about this. This is their reply:

Should you come across motorists violating traffic rules, you can assist us to  take  enforcement  actions against the errant motorists by providing us with     the     following    information    via    our    email    address SPF_Feedback_TP@spf.gov.sg.   Please  note  that you may have to testify in court should the offender dispute the offence.

– the registration number of offending vehicle
– the date, time and location of the offence
– the nature of the offence
– your full particulars (name, address, NRIC and contact numbers)
– Photo of the said vehicle

I have nothing against motorists wanting to show off and having a bit of fun but do it at the right place eg at a racing circuit. Do not forget that the roads and expressways belong to ALL road users.

If you have the urge to speed, just cross over to Malaysia.

But have some RM$50 handy as ang pow since Hari Raya is around the corner.


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  1. i fully agree with you, i seem like the police is all mia, maybe the crime rate falls because less people are going to the police or the police are too busy to record all the cases

  2. You know, their Mission Statement, among other things, declares that they are the protector of lives. Maybe they should revisit their MS to see if it is still relevant.

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