Bukit Aman: Singapore motorists victimized at JB CIQ

Fed up of SG motorists being targeted by JB traffic police outside the JB CIQ, I made an official complaint to Bukit Aman on July 29.  

JB traffic police are frequently spotted outside JB CIQ till midnight, ready to pounce on returning Singaporean motorists, accusing them of not stopping at the traffic lights when they suddenly turn to red.  

Mention Bukit Aman and every Malaysian knows that it’s the Malaysian police HQ., the crusaders against corruption.  

I’m sceptical of any effective action by Bukit Aman but we can’t just allow them to bully us in such a blatant manner.

Pointless griping about the victimization, and not doing anything about it.

If more of us write in perhaps they’ll take such complaints seriously. 

This is Bukit Aman’s email address: rmp@rmp.gov.my

Meanwhile, it’ll be interesting to see what action Bukit Aman takes in the wake of my complaint,  if any.   


2 Responses to “Bukit Aman: Singapore motorists victimized at JB CIQ”

  1. did u finally receive any reply from them ????

    • Gave up hope of ever receiving a positive response. The cops are still fishing there. Saw another Singapore car booked recently.

      If they miss you, now they even intercept you AFTER you have cleared immigration. Very hardworking cops, betul?

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