JB cops: Singapore driver victimised, a personal experience

Commenting on my post about my letter to the Malaysian newspaper The Star on the victimization of Singaporean motorists outside JB CIQ, Sharon Yeo wrote:

National Day 2010, returning home from Batu Pahat around 5pm+.
Hubby drove pass the Toll near JB which required to pay RM2.10 toll.
Then just around the bend, Polis blocks!
Flag down, officer name-tagged “ADAM” walked, hb alighted car.
Adam spoke in fluent Malayu, plus “speeding” “license”.
My hubby could not understand, but caught the number “113” and word “camera”.  On 3 ocassions, Adam acted to flip through his summon book… pretence!

My MIL alighted, she can converse in Malayu.. Shortly after, she held on the Adam’s arm, and led him to the front left side of the car, where Adam continued to act to check the car’s front car plate… pretence!  Adam’s hand jabbed inside car and MIL passed him RM50, said “sorry lah” and off we went, to be caught in jams for the next 3hours!

Checked with my brother, who also got flagged down, and coffee money being robbed off!

Pathetic Polis!  Standard malaysian culture?  Or just that Mr Najib did not do quite enough to increase their pay and stop all these corruption?

(I am highlighting this comment because I think it is of great public interest. Thanks Sharon for sharing. To complain to Police HQ write to mrp@mrp.gov.my. We must not allow ourselves to be bullied and victimised if we have not done anything wrong.)


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  1. Any idea why MIL “held on the Adam’s arm, and led him to the front left side of the car”? Some kind of tactic?

  2. While the rest remained jittery and flustered, MIL knew how to settle the hassle by the Oscar-winning performance by Adam i.e. giving Adam an ang pow (maybe even Adam is a fake name).

  3. I think MIL did that to draw Adam away from the driver (hubby). Adam would be on the front right side when hubby alighted?

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