Oliver Fricker, MRT vandal: impact on Singapore security

 Travelling on the Singapore MRT these days, I have noticed a few changes which bode well for commuters.

Firstly, there are police patrols which were  rare sights before. This inspires confidence but they should not huddle together in such a big group but patrol in twos or singly.

I would like to see officers trained to spot would-be terrorists stationed just outside stations and inside (after the turnstiles). Their mission would be to prevent terrorists from gaining access to the platforms. This is crucial for once inside the recesses of our stations, they would be hard to ferret out.

Secondly, there is a greater sense of urgency and seriousness with regard to security by the transport operators.

Without doubt, all this could not have happened without the Oliver Fricker saga. Whatever your views about Fricker, there is no doubt in the minds of more discerning Singaporeans that he has had a positive impact as far as security in Singapore is concerned, particularly on our commuter trains.

The hopes of many is that the authorities treat the case with a lighter touch.

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