Singapore National Day: flying the flag

As we approached National Day early this month, I noticed a few cars proudly flying mini national flags.

A friend remarked that as the National Day fervour caught on, more and more cars would sport the flags.

I did not share his confidence, arguing that Singaporeans are generally apathetic, and not many motorists would bother. It certainly will not reach the level of enthusiasm of Malaysian motorists.

So we had a wager (two bottles of our national beer, Tiger beer).

Those of  us who had been observant on National Day knew the score. As I had anticipated, few motorists bothered to fly the flag on their vehicles with the notable exception of cabs.

In the heartland carparks, you could count the number of cars sporting the flag on only one hand.

In sharp contrast, well before their National Day (Hari Merdeka)Malaysian drivers are already proudly flying their national flag on their vehicles as recent visits to Malaysia proved.

Beer had never tasted that good.

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