LTA and Singapore Traffic Police: increase in illegally modified cars

In just 6 months of this year, 1381 motorists were caught with illegally modified cars.

That is an average of about whopping 230 cases a month! The question that comes readily to mind is why LTA and Traffic Police allowed the problem to escalate.

The public have been concerned enough to write to the papers on the dangers of motorists in such cars racing in the city and elsewhere apart from the noise pollution nuisance.

Apparently, LTA and Traffic Police did not take the issue seriously enough. It should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago in Bethlehem.

With their ear drum busting exhaust even the visually-challenged would have been aware of such motorists who above all crave attention from the public.

That these foolhardy motorists dare even to race along Orchard Road attest to the high level of tolerance of LTA and Traffic Police.

There is nothing personal here. Seeking thrills and courting risks are natural to young drivers. But there is a place and time for everything, for instance, racing should be done on a racing circuit and not on public roads.

LTA and Traffic Police should warn these motorists that they have zero tolerance towards racing on public roads.

 The authorities should not wait for a dramatic crash in Orchard Road before taking concerted and sustained action.

Otherwise, it will be a case of too little, too late.

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