Flood pictures photographer handcuffed by police: an overreaction?

POLICE handcuffed a photographer taking flood pictures along Bukit Timah Road last month because public safety was involved, said Law Minister and Second Minister for Home Affairs in Parliament on Monday.

I wasn’t in the least surprised by the police overreaction. 

On several occasions I was rudely shooed away by the police for watching them “in action” and warned not to take pictures. I’m aware the public should not obstruct them but we weren’t. 

On another occasion I witnessed how a photographer taking pictures from a distance was similarly warned. 

So these days I ignore the police unless they improve their public relations. 

Is it a crime to take pictures of the police from a distance?

The Law Minister admitted that both sides could have handled the situation better. 

The cop who overreacted should have a refresher course in PR and how to remain composed under pressure  


2 Responses to “Flood pictures photographer handcuffed by police: an overreaction?”

  1. Kia su syndrome – prevalent in Singapore. Whole country. From the cop to the top.

    I wanted to make a traffic accident report at a Neighbourhood Police Post near my home but was refused. When I asked why, the police officer told me I had to go to the Traffice Police at Eunos. When I objected because of the distance, he called someone on the phone.

    After the call, he didn’t apologise but told me I could make my report immediately at the NPP.

    Why can’t we make traffic reports at the NPP?

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