National Day Rally: PM should address the issue of building a democratic society

So another National Day has come and gone, and once again the invited few will dutifully troop to the auditorium for the PM National Day Rally this Sunday.

The PM will doubtless once again dwell at great length on our economic achievements, and the social problems besetting our society.

There’s one issue which the PM will not broach if past precedents be anything to go by.It’s certainly not out of ignorance for since he was a student and now every National Day he has been taking the pledge to build a democratic society.

The National Pledge is a vision for Singapore, its main thrust being to build a democratic society.

To what extent has the government helped to build a democratic society in Singapore since the last National Day in 2009?

Or have they been merely paying lip service to the vision of building a democractic society in the last 45 years?


3 Responses to “National Day Rally: PM should address the issue of building a democratic society”

  1. Roger did you watch the rally? The PM read the pledge, but stopped short of the democractic society part, lol

  2. Reading your reply again..really really funny!

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