Singapore National Pledge: are our students really building a democratic society?

EVERY DAY across the nation, Singapore students recite the pledge, with hand on heart, to “build a democratic society based on justice and equality”.

And this pledge is taken for the ten years they’re in school.

The intriguing question is what the students and their schools actually do towards achieving this desirable objective.

Towards the objective of building a democratic society have students

-held debates, forums?
-held any brainstorming sessions?
-written any letters to their MPs, Town Councils or the newspapers?
– attended a function at the Speaker’s Corner?

Have teachers, school leaders and principals
-ever explained the meaning of the National Pledge?
-discussed how students can build a democratic society at the weekly School Assembly?

If the answer is No on both counts, then we’re merely paying lip service and keeping up the pretense in the last 45 years, isn’t it?

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