National Day Rally: why the Singapore Spirit is incomplete

PM LEE  broached a new term which he called the Singapore Spirit. 

The Singapore Spirit is based on ‘shared values like multi-racialism, meritocracy and respect for every talent’, said PM Lee. It is a shared loyalty and commitment to Singapore.

It’s  a shame that there’s no mention of democracy-how to build and strengthen democracy in Singapore.  

Have they forgotten that the National Pledge is a pledge to build a democratic nation?

Unless you subscribe to the belief that Singapore is already a strong democratic nation.

In which case you are clearly from another planet or suffering from a serious affliction of either delusion or illusion.

5 Responses to “National Day Rally: why the Singapore Spirit is incomplete”

  1. In the first place he was not elected based on a normal healthy democratic system of government. How can he then be expected to speak about democracy ?

    It will only make him even look more like a hypocrite if he ever dares to speak on democracy !

    • You have a valid point. And they tried to galvanize citizens to say the pledge collectively to “build a democratic society”. They still take us for fools. They know they’re stuck with the pledge in its present form so they say Oh, it’s only an aspiration you know not a pledge to build a democratic society.


  2. The rally speech is a new guiness record for shortest time to produce “An Encyclopedia Of Motherhood Statements”

  3. the singapore spirit : $$$$ingapore $$$$pirit

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