National Day Rally: why opposition ignored?

Every National Day Rally it’s the same: you see grassroot leaders,top civil servants, students and ordinary workers etc  And, of course, our ministers.

But you never see members of the opposition parties. They also play a part in nation building so why aren’t they invited as well?

Where’s the respect for the opposition parties?  After all they also represent their many supporters who voted for them.

Or is it only the ruling party’s, the PAP, National Day?

Absurd as this might sound, it seems that way to many people. Little wonder then that National Day is the time to flee the country for many citizens.

That’s why there’s little spontaneous celebration of our National Day.

Hate them if you like but in a democratic country there will always be an opposition. Accord them due respect and you too will gain greater respect in return.

National Day should be for every citizen.

8 Responses to “National Day Rally: why opposition ignored?”

  1. I share your sentiments too.
    The personality traits of the MIW can best explain everything you see that is going on around us in Singapore.
    Low on integrity, arrogant, greedy, no sense of shame, no sense of honour, no sense of fairplay. Basically, self serving bastards!
    Not inviting the opposition to a NDR becomes obvious but it’s more sickening when it comes to accountability and transparency.

    I am absolutely convinced in a crunch, the MIW will Fail, that’s right! These bastards will Fail to rally majority of citizens.
    How to when Singapore is not run like a country ?

  2. Yes, fairplay is very important. Without it there’ll be resentment.

  3. Go read history. Fairplay and the MIW with black hearts do not go together. The old mentor has done nothing fair in his life, he has screwed friends and foe alike to protect his own interest. He started by making use of everyone, the Japanese, the British, Communism , fellow party members, you name it. He has used and abused almost everyone. He believes in biting the hand that feeds him. What do you expect form such a person. Just hope he does not stab you in the back when you turn.

  4. About time for a major overhaul of the political system and put it to National referendum.

  5. Are they really not invited or just not focused by the cameras? Or invited but declined to attend? Let’s not be too quick to assume ..

  6. There’s nothing wrong in making assumptions as long as there’re strong grounds and not wild eg

    – all these years of NDR have the public seen the opposition?
    – the state-controlled media would have gloated See, we are democratic, even inviting the opposition

  7. I do not see the rational of not having a marching contingent from the Opposition parties when we have one from PAP in every year Singapore National Day.

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