Why people are turned off by National Day Rally


You know, sometimes you feel a lingering sense of unease but you just can’t put your finger on it. 

So it’s with the National Day Rally. 

The word ‘Rally’ has many meanings among which are ‘to inspire anew,  to draw or call (persons) together for a common action or effort’.

But the meaning generally associated with the word is in the sense of a mass meeting, usually of a political kind.

We read of election rallies for instance.

At NDR the spotlight invariably falls on the ministers which nudges you to the view of whether it’s a PAP National Day Rally.

This accounts for the fact that many people are becoming disenchanted with NDR.

NDR should be a non partisan event. 

They should consider the implications of the word Rally as  it has political connotations.

Otherwise you can be excused for running away with the notion that it’s a PAP National Day Rally.

It may not be so but that’s the widely-held perception.

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