Straits Times Forum: mystery on selection of letters

Sometimes I’m mystified by Straits Times choice of letters to be published in The Forum. 

ST says space is at a premium in Forum yet it’s published letters which were pure narratives. 

A few weeks back it published a letter about passengers carrying backpacks on the MRT taking up space.

What’s next? Families with strollers taking up space for three persons?

Or pregnant women taking up space for one passenger?

But when I wrote about the need for TV license or exit toll at Checkpoints, Straits Times rejected my letters. 

Though ST has the prerogative, it should not make itself look absurd. 

Perhaps ST should set a word limit of , say, 500 words. This will promote brevity and allow more letters to be published. 


3 Responses to “Straits Times Forum: mystery on selection of letters”

  1. On second thought a 200 words limit is preferable as it forces people to be succinct instead of beating around the bush.

  2. Newspaper space is measured in column cm. Guess every dime is accountable.

    ‘Money, money, money’ (ABBA).

  3. Agree with you Mr Suka Suka.

    The editor is entiled to the occasional off day – the daily grind with the resultant stress I know.

    But sometimes cock and bull stories see the light of day, and that baffles me somewhat.

    But if your letter is couched in complimentary terms, it will be highlighted in bold and trumpeted from the roof top.

    But any hint of criticism of the authorities, your letter ends up in the round file or used as marksmanship practice.

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