Most Insulting and Rudest Customer Service Award goes to…WhatsApp

You know what’s like.

 Buy a new device or software and pray that it doesn’t give you any problem or else you’re going to spend hours troubleshooting the problem or contacting support or delving into online forums in an attempt to resolve the issue.

I purchased an WhatsApp application for my iPhone, and when I ran into problems naturally I contacted their support staff.

This is their reply:

“Hi, please stop acting like such a whiny little boy and contact iTunes customer support who will be glad to resolve your problems.”

This is the most insulting and rudest customer service I’ve ever come across!

Do they realise that without customers they don’t have a job? By withdrawing their business, customers are able to shut down a company.

WhatsApp encourages purchasers to tell their friends about its application.

Of course, I will.

 I’ll tell all my contacts why WhatsApp is  the rudest and most insulting I have had the misfortune to come across.

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