Singapore School Discipline: more horror stories

Reading my posts on the appalling state of school discipline in Singapore, some friends remain skeptical, even dropping hints that I’m delusional. 

I assure you I’m in full command of all my faculties.

With many teacher friends I’ve reams of  horror stories on school discipline in Singapore.

Here’s another one. 

Students have been picking on this particular teacher for verbal

Every time they see her they’d intentionally utter vulgarities. 

She complained to their form
teacher who retorted with “Any hard evidence?”

Form teachers are generally wary of any complaints against their form classes as it may reflect poorly on their class management, and thus have a negative impact on their annual performance reviews.

Your immediate reaction might be “Aha, neighborhood school, no surprise there.”

But this is one of the top
schools in Singapore. A band one secondary school no less!

Food for thought, huh?

So, who’s being delusional?


2 Responses to “Singapore School Discipline: more horror stories”

  1. she dunno how to do voice or video recording ah? That’s the hard evidence!

  2. I was told the teacher was taken aback by the young form teacher’s response.

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