SPF, why I’m not impressed

MORE than 70 people were arrested in a joint raid on Geylang on Saturday.

They rounded up 72 people for a variety of criminal offences, ranging from immigration violations, to peddling of contraband cigarettes, illegal gambling, as well as gang and vice-related activities. Also seized were 124 cartons and 90 packets of duty unpaid cigarettes.

Kudos to SPF for the blitz but I’m sorry to say I’m not impressed. 


Because most of it are soft targets eg going after prostitutes, those selling contraband cigarettes and immigration offenders. 

But if they are able to deter and prevent crime by a VISIBLE police presence then it’s different.

For instance, arresting those armed with knives on their way to commiting a robbery, I’ll be impressed.

As long as SPF ignore public feedback for the necessity of police patrols, our streets, public places, HDB lifts etc
will not be safe.

Think I’m paranoid?

Wait for the next victim.  

If the murder at a HDB playground recently doesn’t convince SPF, then I don’t know what will.


2 Responses to “SPF, why I’m not impressed”

  1. When is the last time there is a murder at a HDB playground?
    Have u thought of being a volunteer police officer or sign on with the police?

    • The playground murder underscores how daring criminal elements have become. There were many other crimes in recent months but our memories are short eg lady attacked in HDB carpark, taxi drivers threatened with knives, murders in Kallang and Selegie etc.

      My friend’s son was attacked in Raffles Place area one evening.

      Japan has a low crime rate but police presence is very visible. In Tokyo they even patrol on bicycles.

      Their police posts are reassuring sights to all law-abiding citizens.

      I observed this on a recent visit to Japan.

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