Business Times: Corruption Survey, Msia stays in 56th spot

A Business Times report today screams
Corruption Survey: Msia stays in 56th spot.

I’m not surprised, least of all Malaysians.

Once in a while when their energy levels rise up, Malaysian authorities make a big show of rooting out corruption. 

But when the dust has settled, and their energy levels subside, it’s back to the status quo. Perhaps, this has something to do with the tropical climate I don’t know. 

I’ve warned in several posts about JB traffic cops hanging around outside the JB Immigration complex. On returning from JB you’ll not fail to notice them.

They are there mainly to target Singapore drivers. 

Yesterday  a friend was caught not wearing his seat belt. The cop asked him “How much money do you have?”

My friend gave him RM50.

There are certain things in Malaysia that will never change. 

There’s a Malay idiom for it: cakap besar saja (talk big only)

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