Youth hacked to death: an appeal to SPF

The murder of a youth at Downtown East underscores the urgent need for greater police vigilance and patrols. 

In Japan police patrols are common, and this may partly account for their low crime rate 

Even at night, cops patrol on bicycles in  Tokyo.  In public parks there are police posts.

I’ve urged SPF many times to increase police patrols, but I don’t understand why they’re not convinced. 

Now with this latest murder they’ve got their hands full.  

It’s far better to deter crime. 

With a low police presence in Singapore, some find the opportunities for crime too tempting. 

Instead of taking public feedback more seriously, SPF is now issuing advisories. It’s getting more absurd. 

Apparently, SPF hasn’t learnt anything from the murder of a woman at a basketball  court during the recent Lantern  Festival.


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  1. They are back, the samseng kia! Better watch out. Wonder if they use the same numeral insignias: 08, 24, 329.

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